The Voicebox has a new platform!

The open Rhoades

Over the weekend Bill and I drove to Hinckley, Ohio to pick up our new ride: A 4 wheel 2 person Rhoades Car! Not your typical gas-guzzler but a zero-emission cycle car powered by its two passengers. We choose the Rhoades car for our project because we won’t be contributing to pollution in Chicago while we travel around to gather local voices, and also because it will hopefully get people interested in what we are doing and what we’re riding! Not only can we attract people with our unusual ride, but hopefully also open a dialogue about clean transportation in Chicago. Although our project is focusing on point source emissions in Chicago (like Fisk and Crawford), local traffic in Chicago accounts for almost 70% of all emissions! If we want to truly have clean air we also have to think about our more common habits like driving. We have a lot of modifications we’re interested in doing, including adding a roof and disc brakes so stay tuned as we build our ride!

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