Here at the Voicebox we have been talking a lot about sociability. We feel that the new rise of social connectivity combine with digital media has created a new generation of social gathering, grassroot campaigning and democratization. How will these new forces affect our lives? The rise of user-generated content has never allowed so many to have voices heard across the globe. For generations we have had representative governments that claim to represent the ‘voices of the people’ but it’s difficult to represent everyone. According to local Chicago designer John Paul Kusz there are two common approaches to understanding to identifying common goals:

“The Traditional Approach
…often encourages one viewpoint to
prevail and be accepted by others.

It is implied there will be winners and
losers. Common interests are often
analyzed and partitioned into parts.

The Expanded Approach

…goes beyond any one individual’s
understanding. The goal is to do what is
right for all.

We all win by exploring complex and
difficult issues from many viewpoints.
Meaningful dialogue facilitates the whole
by organizing the parts, rather than trying
to pull the parts into a whole.”

We believe that with the amount of media that we can produce and consume as humans has become great enough to process massive amounts of data and viewpoints that allow for expanded dialogues toward solving common problems. The Community Voice Box recognizes that there is a new opportunity for democratic societies to to work towards justice using expanded dialogues and embrace the realm of ‘local knowledge’ as emerging and prevalent.

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