Thinking inside of the box…

Here at the Voicebox we’ve been thinking about how to build up our platform. How will our mobile community space look? How will it work? We’re been thinking about tent poles, welded frames, sun shields and windscreens. I’ve been getting really inspired by the work of Jay Nelson and Kevin Cyr.

Jay Nelsons "Golden Gate" 2009: a mobile surf camper for one.

Both are artists dealing with individual, mobile spaces but in very different ways. I feel that these objects reflect our inner desire for independence and mobility. Although not always practical, these pieces speak to the part of me that has always been interested in exploration and mobility.

Kevin Cyrs "Camper Bike", a sculptural piece built in April 2008.

These pieces are very personal but how can these ideas translate to a mobile community space? We feel that wide, open spaces can accommodate many people at once, and a way to block out the sun is essential. We need both accommodations for the driver and passenger as well as community members who want to contribute their voice. Tents with fiberglass poles have been very viable to use because of their low cost, ease of construction and light weight. Stay tuned for how the Voicebox will start to take shape!

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