Bringing the Voicebox to the people!

Hello Voicebox community!! We’ve been busy over here brainstorming and thinking of ways the Voicebox can become a better community tool, but in the meantime we had a chance to bring the CVB out for its maiden ride!

Riding down the Stearns Quarry hill

We cruised down to Stearns Quarry in Bridgeport for an overcast afternoon of interviews, insights and innovation. Our good friend Steve Vance came along to document the experience. If you aren’t familiar with Steve Vance, he writes for two incredible transportation blogs called The Grid, and Steve Can Plan. Steve was there to support us with the project and to see how Chicago drivers would react to a pedal car. People loved it! Drivers were generally positive and courteous.

Interview with an energy efficiency expert

Overall we had a great day, and picked up a few really insightful interviews. We spoke with many Bridgeport residents from people who had lived there their entire lives to those who had recently arrived, or were just visiting. We also had a chance to test out a rough prototype of a canopy, which consisted of a tent rain-fly, a few plumbing fixtures and some zip ties. Although not perfect it did keep us dry during a sudden rainstorm! Make sure to check our map for the new interviews and stay tuned for more news!

The Voicebox in Chicago

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