What do open sensor networks mean for you and your community?

ImageRecently an interesting project started on Kickstarter.  It’s called the Air Quality Egg.  This is a low-cost air quality sensor that allows you to connect it with a community led air-quality air quality network and participate in the air-quality discussion.  The device itself detects CO and NO2 concentrations which are indicators of urban air pollution.  The device then sends its data to a base station which uploads the data in real-time to Pachube, an open data service for community data-sharing.

What are the implications of this type of network?  How does this sensor network help the fight for environmental justice?  How will open sensor networks change the face of journalism?  Here is a great article which talks about how these open-sensor networks may change community activism and journalism.

This project shares several similar ideologies to the Community Voicebox.  It is exciting to see that the with open sensor devices we can now add tangible data to the air quality conversation in our city.  Instead of talking about local polluters, we can document them.

Look out for an Air Quality Egg on the CVB quad this coming season!

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